G-TECH/Pro SS (Super Sport) - Part# 701

  • G-TECH/Pro SS (Super Sport) - Part# 701

G-TECH/Pro SS (Super Sport) - Part# 701

Brand:Tesla Electronics Inc
Product Code:G-TECH/Pro SS
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  • $299.95

So your car’s got it? Find out for sure, measure 0-60mph, 1/4 mile, Horsepower, Torque and so much more. Become better driver and have some fun!

Knowledge is power and by knowing the facts before and after modifications, your efforts will not be in vain. G-TECH will help you make sense of the improvements and help you make educated decisions to make sure you’re not spinning your wheels.

Fully rugged, water resistant and dust proof, the new G-TECH is ready for all challenges from a dragster to a snowmobile and everything else in between. There are no hookups, no wiring, so it doesn’t matter what year your car is. All sensors are built in, including a true 50Hz GPS engine, 9-axial IMU sensor (accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer).

It has a full color high resolution LCD screen with resistive touchscreen. This means that it will work even if you have your race gloves on. Other types of capacitive touchscreens (like in most cell phones) will not work with gloves.

Over the years some OBDII scanners and programmers have claimed to be able to do performance “estimates”. But they fall short because OBDII is too slow and the accuracy of speed suffers from wheel circumference variations caused by tire pressure and tire wear. On the other hand there are phone apps that claim to do performance measurements. Even with cell-tower augmented corrections they are simply not accurate enough. GPS engines inside smart phones are made for navigation and not vehicle dynamics. They have an update rate of 1Hz, while G-TECH is dedicated hardware with an update rate of 50Hz!

This is a professional-grade instrument accessible to enthusiasts. It’s every car-guy’s dream. Enjoy!