G-TECH/Pro RR (Road Racer) - Part# 702

  • G-TECH/Pro RR (Road Racer) - Part# 702

G-TECH/Pro RR (Road Racer) - Part# 702

Brand:Tesla Electronics Inc
Product Code:G-TECH/Pro RR
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  • $399.95

Want more from your G-TECH/Pro? The RR version does everything the SS does plus a lot more. With it you can download your runs and overlay them with our PASS PC software. This is a powerful tool for comparative analysis of performance before and after modifications. When you overlay the runs you can easily see the improvements, find out how your torque-curve has changed, see if you are gaining at higher or lower RPM range and much more.

RR stands for Road Racer. With its powerful 50Hz GPS engine, G-TECH is capable of measuring lap times with highest precision. The new "Thumbs Up" feature alone is guaranteed to slash your lap times by seconds! There is no other mod that will have a larger effect on your lap times. Even switching from DOT-tires to slicks will not be as impressive. This is because when it comes to driving there is always place for improvement, in all of us.

G-TECH/Pro will help you "build speed slowly". This is our mantra and there is no better tool to do this with. It's because you get immediate feedback, as you're driving if you are doing better or not. While you're in the moment and your "muscle memory" knows what you just did. It's like having a professional racing instructor with you the whole time! As you can see, we are pretty proud of this feature and this is what separates us from all other data-loggers.

We believe by the time you come to the pits and download the data it's already too late. Don't get us wrong, data-logging certainly has its place, G-TECH/Pro RR also does it using our PASS PC software. But for improving driver technique quickly there is no better way. That's why we like to think of the new G-TECH/Pro RR as a driver improvement tool rather than just another data-logger.

The new RR is fully rugged, designed to withstand rigors of hard-core racing including Off-Road. It works with closed tracks like circle-track or Road Courses as well as with open tracks like Autocross or Off-Road. It comes with an external High-Gain GPS antenna that magnetically mounts to the roof of your car. The full-color RESISTIVE touchscreen will work with your race-gloves. It's water resistant, made out of high-impact PC/ABS, suitable for exterior use, has dust-proof military-style plug-covers and looks really cool.

It really is a professional instrument but at an enthusiast price. This is the balance we have tried to achieve and I believe we have succeeded! Enjoy!