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60 Ft. Time
1/8th & 1/4 mile
0-60 & 0-100-0mph
RPM & Shiftlights
Handling Gs
Record up to 30 runs
3 precision sensors
RPMs and Shiftlights we are particularly proud of. We have invented this technology. No one in the world can pick-up RPMs from the cigarette lighter. Yes, MSD ignitions and even diesels work!
G-TECH/Pro SS model has a unique new G-arrow that shows you the direction of the Gs that you are pulling and new large G numbers that are easy to read at a glance.
With the new friendly icon-based user interface you can chose and review any of your runs in a matter of a couple of button clicks.
We are the only G-meter that has x, y and z precision accelerometers. This improves accuracy and consistency. It also allows you to orient the G-TECH/Pro any way you like.
0-60 mph is another standard measurement with the new 0-100-0mph becoming increasingly more popular with the magazines.
Oldies but goodies. These two measurements are what has made G-TECH a household name with car enthusiasts all over the world.
G-TECH/Pro will give you accurate horesepower ratings for your car before and after modification. It's a great way to see if you are making the right improvements.
With the revolutionary new RPM pickup right from the cigarette lighter we are able to measure Torque and display a DYNO-plot graph. We are the only people in the world to do this at this time.
60ft time is a new measurement which helps with determining if your car is "hookin'-up" or not.
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Should you get the SS or the RR?

If you would like to download your runs and review them on your PC or if you are a Road Racer/Autocrosser than the answer is the G-TECH/Pro RR.