All of the features of the SS model plus:

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Road Racing/Autocross
PASS Software
Multiple Vehicle Support
2hr data-acquisition
PC Download Cable
AC Adapter
Permanent Mount
PASS - Performance Analysis System Software. It can be used for replaying and comparing 1/4 mile runs or for replaying Road Race/Autocross sessions. It even replays engine sound based on recorded RPMs.
RR model comes with the Permanent Mount which allows you to permanently mount the G-TECH/Pro anywhere in your car. The unit itself can still be taken out of its cradle.
RR model comes with the AC Adapter so you can power the unit while you are downloading the runs/sessions to your PC.
RR model comes with the PC Download Cable that is used to quickly hook-up to your PC and download all your runs and sessions.
RR model comes with 2 Megs of FLASH. This is enough to store over two hours of Road Racing/Autocross sessions (10 Hz recording.) That's more than full-blown data-acquisition systems costing thousands!
With the RR model you can memorize settings for up to 4 cars and jump from one to another in a matter of seconds. Some guys get the extra brackets for each car so moving the G-TECH from one car to another is really a snap.
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RR stands for Road Racer. It has all of the features of the SS model plus Road Racing/Autocross mode in which you can record and replay your Gs and RPMs for a given practice or race session.
PASS is included! Learn more...